Send Projektforslag til Rumstationen ISS 12/9 -29/10

Konkurrence fra ESA, hvor eleverne skal designe eksperimenter til en raspberry pi med sensorer i den internationale rumstation.

Students will work like real scientists by designing their own experiment. Choose one of the following themes for your project:

Life in space
You will make use of Astro Pi Vis (Ed) in the European Columbus module. You can use all of its sensors, but you cannot record images or videos.

Life on Earth
You will make use of Astro Pi IR (Izzy), which will be aimed towards the Earth through a window. You can use all of its sensors as well as its infrared camera.

Phase Activity Date
1 Challenge launched. Phase 1: Design begins 12 September 2018
1 Deadline for Phase 1: Design 29 October 2018
2 Evaluation of Phase 1 submissions Beginning November 2018
2 Successful teams receive Astro Pi kits to use in Phase 2 Mid-November 2018
2 Phase 2: Create begins Mid-November 2018
2 Deadline for Phase 2: Create 6 February 2019
3 Announcement of teams that have successfully passed to Phase 3: Deploy April 2019
3 Phase 3: Deploy April/May 2019
3 Phase 4: Analyse begins as teams receive the data collected from their experiments 10 May 2019
4 Deadline for Phase 4: Analyse 31 May 2019
4 Winners of Mission Space Lab Announced Mid-June 2019 - runeklarskovruneklarskov - Rediger

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