WRO Open Category Regler

Theme: Robots Connecting People
Robots which can be integrated into our everyday lives, socialize with people, and perform complex tasks for them have been the stuff of Science Fiction dreams. To do that, robots need to possess the ability to learn and acquire artificial intelligence by themselves, but more importantly they first need to "know" how humans function both as an individual and in a society.

This year's theme "Robots Connecting People" encourages you to explore just that. You are to build projects where robots strongly display an understanding of some part of human nature, how we work in a society, or how we live.

Some example projects you may explore:

  • Robots that mimic facial expressions.
  • Robots that recognize colours and alphabets and how we use them.
  • Robots that recognize private and public surroundings and act accordingly.
  • Robots that play human games (or play against humans)!
  • Robots that function alongside humans when they are at their jobs.
  • Robots that are able to make decisions based on past experience.
  • Robots that replicate festivals.

Til den internationale finale scorer man point efter følgende skema, men til den danske finale vil kravene være lidt mindre skarpe. Til gengæld tilbyder universitetet i Århus rigtigt meget vejledning for at forbedre projektet inden afrejsen til Kuala Lumpur.

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